Consultation and moderation activities

- Member of an international expert panel advising the Communaute Urbaine de Bordeaux (CUB) with regard to future development (policies) – 2010

- Facilitator of an international conference held by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on the topic “Future Megacities” in Essen – 2010

- Member of an international expert- hearing on the drawing up an urban development concept commissioned by the city of Frankfurt am Main – 2009

- Moderation of the Urban Development Conference STEP 2005 by the city of Vienna – 2005

- Moderation of the concluding conference of the EU -project INTERACT in Lyon – 2004

- Facilitation and implementation of numerous conferences, sessions and workshop - series on urban development issues including the political and administrative local heads in the German cities of Cologne, Wuppertal, Essen, Leverkusen, Rostock, Jena, Leipzig, Osnabrück, Viersen, Lünen, Heidelberg, Kassel, Siegen – 1986 2004

- Professional advice and support to an expert commission of the state government of North Rhine - Westphalia working on an exchange of experience on the topic “Revitalization of poverty areas – chances and limits” in New York City – 1994.


.Dr. phil. Werner Heinz, Dipl. – Ing.
 Kurfürstenstr. 8   60486 Frankfurt am Main