Lectures given abroad

   2000 - 2010

- „City – region cooperation: challenges and types of cooperation” as well as „Urban transformation: instruments and strategies”, lectures during the World Urban Development Congress INTA 34 in San Sebastian, Spain (October 2010),

- „The radical change - German cities in the wake of globalization” during the conference of the European Urban Research Association (EURA) „City - Futures 09” in Madrid, Spain (June 2009),

- „Cities in the context of globalization”, lecture as part of the Science - Conference „Globalization and Identity” organized by Goethe – Institute and Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt (May 2007),

- Member of the „Hearing on metropolitan areas at the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee)” in Brussels, Belgium (January 2007),

- Lecture on the subject „The German Institute of Urban Affairs” in the course of the „Nanning International Conference on Sustainable Urban Development” in Nanning, People’s Republic of China (November 2005),

- „Public private partnerships: principles, opportunities and risks”, lecture at the „INTERREG III C Conference of the Assembly of European Regions” in Ponta Delgada, Azores (May 2005),

- „Inter- local Cooperation in Metropolitan Areas”, lecture during the „XVII Entretiens Jacques Cartier La Gouvernance Metropolitaine” in Montreal, Canada (October 2004),

- „Interkommunale Kooperation - Erfahrungen aus Deutschland” as part of the 54th annual conference of the Austrian Association of Cities in Bregenz, Austria (May 2004),

- „Inter- local Cooperation in City Regions” during the meeting of EUROCITIES - Working Group on Governance in Brussels, Belgium (February 2004),

- „Zusammenarbeit in Stadtregionen – Aktuelle Trends im Überblick”, introductory lecture at the conference „Handlungsfähige Agglomerationen – (k)eine Utopie” in Lucerne, Switzerland (June 2003),

- „Stadtentwicklungsplanung – Ein Instrument in ständiger Veränderung” as well as „Stadt - Umland - Verflechtung und stadtregionale Kooperation”, lectures given during the Experts‘ Workshop „STEP – heute”, held by the municipal authorities of the City of Vienna, Vienna, Austria (December 2002),

- „Improving the balance of urban systems and exploring ways in which cities can co-operate and complement each other”, a lecture during the annual congress INTA 24 „The City Region in a world of globalization: urban strategies for sustainable development” in Bergen, Norway (June 2000),

- Official observer of the second pan - African urban summit „Africities 2000”, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and GTZ in Windhoek, Namibia (May 2000).

   1990 - 1999

- „City - region cooperation: an international overview”, lecture in the Centre for Regional Economic & Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, United Kingdom (November 1999),

- „Urban Development in German Cities between Globalization and European Integration” during the conference „European Cities in Transformation” organized by the European Urban Research Association (EURA) in Paris, France (October 1999),

- „Economic Integration vs. Social Desintegration”, lecture during the annual congress INTA 23 „The Inclusive City” in Lyon, France (June 1999),

- „Innovations in Intraregional Cooperation”, lecture in the course of the OECD - Workshop „Governing Metropolitan Areas: Reinforcing Local Democracy” in Athens, Greece (September 1998),

- „Urban Policy in Germany” in the international workshop of the European Urban Research Association (EURA) „Towards an Urban Agenda in the European Union” in Venice, Italy (May 1998),

- „Public Private Partnership and its Context”, lecture at the „First Summit of African Local Governments, Afrocities ´98” in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (January 1998),

- Member of an expert discussion at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions on the subject „Urban governance and enterprises: institutions and infrastructures of the future” in Dublin, Ireland (June 1997),

- „Managing Change in Metropolitan Areas – the Case of the Rhine - Main Area”, lecture during the OECD – Workshop „Governing metropolitan areas: institutions, finance and partnerships” in Stockholm, Sweden (June 1997),

- „Major Cities and their Peripheries, Frankfurt and the Rhine - Main Area”, lecture on the occasion of the 29th meeting of the OECD - Group on Urban Affairs in Paris, France (December 1996),

- „Present trends in the development of German cities ” at the „Liveable Cities Symposium” during the conference - series „Frankfurt meets Toronto”, organized by Goethe - Institute and the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Toronto in Toronto, Canada (April 1996),

- Member of the concluding panel discussion at the 19th annual congress of INTA on the subject „Strategies for Cities of the 21st Century” in Vienna, Austria (September 1995),

- „Frankfurt and its Region”, lecture during an international expert meeting of the Council of Europe on the subject „Major cities and their peripheries” in Strasbourg, France (September 1995),

- „Growing economisation of local authorities and public activities vs. increase of social segmentation and segregation”, lecture in the course of a conference at Sheffield Hallam University on the subject „Social exclusion: urban and labour market dimensions” in Sheffield, United Kingdom (June 1995),

- „Concluding remarks” at the 17th annual congress of INTA on the subject „An Action Plan for the Next Decade of Urban Development – A World Threshold Conference on Creating Confidence and Prosperity” in Hongkong (September 1993),

- „Des partenariats public prives – comparaisons internationales”, lecture during a conference of the French Ministry for Urban Development on the subject „Acteurs publics et acteurs prives dans l’amenagement” in Paris, France (June 1993),

- „Public private partnerships in urban (re)development”, lecture on the occasion of the experts’ session „Mechanisms to support urban regeneration” by INTA in Manchester, United Kingdom (April 1993),

- „Towards cities primarily oriented to market requirements?”, lecture during the „Seminaire international: fragmentation et articulation urbaines” in Paris, France (February 1992).

   vor 1990

- „Stadtentwicklung unter veränderten Rahmenbedingungen in der BRD”, lecture at the „Second International Walter - Gropius – Seminar” in Dessau, GDR (November 1989),

- Member of the delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany during the international conference of the UN – Economic Committee for Europe (ECE) on the subject „Urban and Regional Research” in Leipzig, GDR (October 1988),

- „The role of local government in low - income housing policy and administration”, lecture during a conference of the Anglo - German - Foundation in Birmingham, United Kingdom (July 1988),

- „The reduction of the welfare state – an expanding role for self - help and voluntary action?” on the occasion of the 17th annual conference of SCUPAD (Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development) in Salzburg, Austria (May 1984),

- „Self - help and community involvement in housing rehabilitation in Germany” during a conference of the Council of Europe on the subject „Self - help and community development in towns” in London, United Kingdom (October 1982),

- „The achievement of community development and citizen participation”, lecture during the 15th annual conference of SCUPAD (Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development) in Salzburg, Austria (May 1982),

- „Kommunikationsprobleme zwischen Bürgern und Gemeindeorganen”, lecture at a symposium of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France (October 1980),

- „Urban renewal and citizen participation” at the 198th Session of the Salzburg Seminar on American Studies on the subject „The city in transition” in Salzburg, Austria (June 1980).


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