Research activities

- Local authorities and their need for consultation in selected EU - memberstates (until 2008),

- German cities in the wake of growing globalization
(until 2008),

- EU-related activities of German local authorities
(until 2006),

- INTERACT (INTegrated uRban governance for the City of Tomorrow), research project on behalf of the European Union comprising 12 cities in 10 EU – member states, member of the scientific committee (until 2004),

- Inter- local cooperation in selected city-regions of Baden - Württemberg, by order of the Association of Cities of
Baden - Württemberg (until 2003),

- Development partnerships between German cities and local authorities in developing countries, on behalf of the Corporation for Technical Cooperation – GTZ (until 2001),

- Cooperation within city-regions, An international comparison (until 1999),

- Urban governance, multinational comparative study commissioned by OECD on questions of political regulation and steering of urbanized areas, member of the steering committee (until 1998),

- Survey of the EU-related activities of German cities
(until 1997),

- Public Private Partnership (PPP), an instrument for the provision of local duties and services, on behalf of the Ministry for Urban Development, Culture and Sports of the state of North Rhine - Westphalia and the German “Volksheimstättenwerk” e.V. (until 1996),

- European city networks – selected examples (until 1995),

- Local development programs for cities in the new German states (until 1994),

- Urban development through partnerships – Public Private Partnerships in urban (re-)development – An international exchange of experiences (until 1993),

- Urban development in times of changing framework conditions (until 1990),

- Structural changes in inner city areas in the wake of entertainment facilities and their surroundings (until 1986),

- Concepts for local housing policies , on behalf of the German Association of Cities (until 1986),

- Self-help-activities in the renewal of older inner city housing areas – An international comparison, research stays in the North American cities of New York, Chicago and Washington as well as in the Scottish local authorities of Glasgow and Edinburgh (until 1984),

- Expert’s report on the model project “Exception and Rule” – Institutional problems in the establishment of new approaches and agencies in urban renewal, by order of the Federal Minister of Planning, Building and Urban Development (until 1983),

- Tri-national Cities Project – comparative study, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of German, on innovative strategies for urban renewal, commissioned by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (until 1982),

- Survey on the results of the establishment of inner city pedestrian areas with regard to the structures of users and rents in selected areas of the city of Frankfurt, on behalf of the Frankfurt Department of Urban Development
(until 1978),

- Consequences for urban development through traffic reduction in specific areas of urban centers, by order of the Federal Minister of Planning, Building and Urban Development (until 1976).


.Dr. phil. Werner Heinz, Dipl. – Ing.
 Kurfürstenstr. 8   60486 Frankfurt am Main