Memberships, Honorary posts, Appointments

- Corresponding member of the Academy for Spatial Research and Regional Planning (ARL),

- Consultative member on the board of the International Urban Development Association (INTA),

- Member of the European Urban Research Association (EURA)

- Member of the Policy Working Group on Urban Research of EUROCITIES (until 2008),

- Member of the Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development (SCUPAD),

- Standing participant of the Commission on Urban Development Planning organized by the German association of Cities
(until 2009),

- Standing participant of the Conference of Departments of Urban Development Planning organized by the Association of Cities in North Rhine – Westphalia (until 2009),

- Visiting scholarship at the Centre for Regional Economic & Social research at Sheffield Hallam University (1999).

   Advisory Committees and Juries

- Member of the Assessment Jury of the 22nd federal competition on “Allotments in Urban Development” organized by the Federal Minister of Traffic, Building and Urban Development and the Federal Association of German Garden Friends (2010),

- Member of an expert jury within the Institute for the Research of Medium - sized Companies” (IfM) with regard to the allocation of the annual European Enterprise Award (until 2009),

- Member of the Scientific Committee of the EU-project INTERACT on the subject “Integrated Urban Governance”
(2002 – 2004),

- Member of the Steering Committee of the multinational OECD - project on “Urban Governance” (1995 – 1998),

- Member of the Advisory Committee “Capital City Research” of the Free University of Berlin (1995 – 1996).


- Appointment as professor for the field of Local Social Planning at the University of Essen (Nov. 1983).



.Dr. phil. Werner Heinz, Dipl. – Ing.
 Kurfürstenstr. 8   60486 Frankfurt am Main